BANDAI in the last year or so has started to adopt an online limited release system called P-Bandai Exclusive, and like many other fans I am becoming a bit frustrated with it. It’s a combination of the fact that it isn’t open to western customers making us have to purchase it at marked up prices as well as the kits they choose to release as exclusives are becoming more elaborate.

Originally the exclusives were basically just recolors that only catered to collectors or people who don’t paint but recently their releases have had a lot more original plastic parts included with them making them much more than just repaints. One of the biggest aspects I dislike is that they are getting marked up like figures do, since they are limited. I’ve always loved that with normal BANDAI models you can find them no matter how old they are and with their original retail price or cheaper. But with these the prices will just go up and up instigating you to buy them ASAP.

So with that in mind I bought the RG Destiny wings even before I get the Destiny itself. The whole reason I want the Destiny is because of the Wings of Light so even though I looked at cheaper 3rd party wings they just didn’t look anywhere as good as the original.


The other exclusive I bought was the repair parts for the RG Exia. Before I did that though I went and tried to make my own but realized it wasn’t going to look as good and just wasn’t worth all the time invested.

I took a plastic water bottle cut out some portions of it and started to shape it using a small candle. Once I got shapes that I thought would work I eventually figured magnets were the best bet to achieve any decent amount of movement. For the connecting base part I found a random plastic part I had which happened to fit the joint perfectly.

Using my old HG Exia to use as a base model I tried to see how it would look and articulate.

I got as far as painting them but the application of the flat coat caused some damage to one of them and while I tried to sand away/strip the paint the job would be quite the task. I even tried making a replacement but it wasn’t the same.

I’m glad I gave it a shot and am actually happy that in the end I ordered the real thing as it will look better in the long run.


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