Father’s Day


My father loves cars and bought a MGB roadster off Craigslist. He has been planning to restore it for over a year now but the time and money just aren’t available. Ever since he got that car I have been pondering doing a model of it for a special occasion and considering his birthday is far away I thought Father’s Day would work.

I have never built a car model before (except one I made as a little kid) so the challenge of dealing with a kit that isn’t able to be snap fitted did intrigue me. I manged to find a cheap 1:32 kit on eBay by Airfix, and while I am not sure how old this kit is the mold really gave me an appreciation for BANDAI kits. Basically the hood doesn’t line up with the body correctly, the windshield to body connection was off, and the front grill had all of its detail gunked up with excess plastic.

While I didn’t want to go crazy with extra detail I did think I should add slight modifications to this kit as it did have a few nagging omissions. I did want to do more to the whole engine area but the size of the space under the hood really made it more difficult than I realized. Besides adding extras most of what I had to do was clean up what was already there and mod the body so things could actually fit well.

I used some Alclad for the metallics, Mr. Hobby for the clears, Plamo Colors for the red and yellow, and used a Testors spray called Star Spangled Blue for the hood and body.

The final assembly though is where I ran into some problems. when trying to glue one piece another would break and this would go on and on until I would manage to fix them simultaneously. Lately I have been noticing that my final experiences with a kit can easily change my view of the entire build and this certainly happened with this one. In other words I am not in a rush to try another car model again.


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