Strike Freedom update


Gentai kits is restarting their replacement parts service but it is running into some problems here and there. At the moment getting the replacement for the broken wing has been significantly delayed but instead of just waiting for it to eventually arrive I decided to finish the rest of the kit.

I bought some 3rd party decals and for some reason the gray color on them were blurred so while I was able to use most of the decals I actually had to use some of the stickers the RG comes with. But considering the quality of RG stickers with a flat coat a few of them look as good as waterslides.

Once the paint and decals were all applied I had to repaint some of the gold as the Alclad started to wear through in certain areas showing the black primer underneath. Even now I think before this kit is completely finished I will have to touch up some of the gold again.

On a more positive note the proportion alterations I made came out great and gives me hope for some future Destiny mods.


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