First of two


During last year’s black Friday I ended up unexpectedly getting both a MG AGE-2 normal and a MG AGE-2 double bullet and considering they are almost the same kit I decided to try and bust them out back to back.

I have always loved the design of the AGE-2 and long before the MG was announced I considered getting the HG. Since there is a lack of detail in the base design I wasn’t expecting there to be much added to the MG over the HG and while there is some extra panel lines, some extra articulation, and no seamlines what really got me interested in the MG when I first saw it surprisingly was the cockpit.

3 different flaps open and then the seat the pilot sits in slides down. It’s a pretty nice design and even better is that it even works in the G-Strider mode. The only problem is that it takes some fine tweezers and some finagling to drag that seat down.

One problem about the design of the AGE-2 that I was worried about before hand was the reported weak legs. At first I thought the news about the legs were exaggerated or were some specific error on the reviewers part but after I transformed the kit back to mobile suit mode from the G-Strider mode I noticed the knees became really weak. The problem is that the lock for the knees just don’t hold well, even with paint stiffening them up.


When it comes to the color scheme the Double Bullet was the main factor in deciding on what to do. Basically I didn’t like the way the blue and red contrast on the double bullet and wanted to give it a red and white scheme. But since I planned to have these kits next to each other I felt having only one with an original scheme would look strange so I opted to give them both new color schemes that would mimic each other. Also since AGE wasn’t as popular as BANDAI hoped it would be decals for AGE kits are pretty sparse making a somewhat simple kit look even more so. So I took the opportunity to use something I have been wanting to use for some time, my Hex Camouflage Decals. I only have them in a blue that works on white (you can find them here) so I decided to use normal decals on the blue pieces and only the hex decals on the white. For the most part they were easy to use with only slight issues. The only foreseeable problem I can imagine is that I have no red version of these for the Double Bullet since they are always sold out.


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