Second Age


It’s taken me sometime to post this up but here is the companion to the AGE-2 Normal the Double Bullet and if you have been reading a bunch of my posts this year you can guess what happened…


I am not sure if it’s because I am trying to build kits at a quicker rate this year but these breaks don’t even surprise me anymore. I do know that working on transformable kits don’t help.

Once I fixed the break though the build was pretty much smooth sailing seeing as how I just put together the normal. It was lighting quick so much so that I didn’t even need the manual for the most part.

The Double Bullet shares all the problems the Normal has but comes with a bunch more accessories to make up for some of the short comings the basic AGE-2 design has as well as it’s pretty ugly Strider mode.

I did mention this in the previous AGE-2 post but I am trying to mimic the design I gave the normal but unfortunately the decals needed to fully do so just isn’t available to me so instead I had to make some compromises. The closest I had to the HiQ parts hex decals were left over small hex pattern sections of my MG Heavyarms decals. I reversed the areas the decals took up in comparison to the normal and even though it was less surface area with the size and the amount of the decals the result was a little splotchy.


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