WIP’s, Updates, and a word of warning


So I went back to the SD Hi Nu and tried to see what I could do with it. First I stripped the paint off the arms and the white parts of the fin funnels. Next I wanted to somehow negate the paint scratching that caused all these problems so I sanded the elbows and used magnets to connect the static fin funnels to the backpack. The magnets surprisingly worked wonderfully but the problem came with the articulated fin funnels. No matter what I did I just couldn’t get it to work without either buying more kits or basically scratch building them.

At this point I felt like this cheap no hassle build was getting a bit out of hand and shelved it, maybe one day I will do a kit bash with a HGUC Hi Nu and finish it.

Soon after dealing with the SD I received not only another Amazon “used” kit the Gundam X Maoh but also the pieces for the Exia repair and finally the replacement piece for my RG Strike Freedom. Unfortunately though there was one issue… I ordered the wrong part.


I did try to order the right part after all this but lets just say that recently Amazon was selling a “used” RG Strike Freedom that they aren’t anymore.


While painting the wrong piece gold I went and repainted the frame pieces gold as they were wearing away showing the black primer instead. But what I noticed was that even though I replaced the gold with a more solid one the initial one still caused the paint to rub off. Eventually I had to wear gloves while handling the pieces and that seemed to solve the problem. The paint in question is Alclad’s ALC-122 Mirrored Gold for Lexan. Lexan is a specific type of plastic and even though the paint looks like it initially grips on well the oils in your hands seemingly wears it away. So if your considering buying this keep that in mind.

Alclad really doesn’t have a high shine gold except this, so unless they produce a new one I might consider Mr Color Super Metallic or some Gaia Notes alternative for future projects.


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