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I am the kind of person who finds it difficult to move on unless I finish the previous project first. I see a lot of other builders building their kits in advance then coming back to them to paint them. Being somewhat curious of this method I wanted to give working on two kits at the same time a try. So I worked off and on, on the RG Destiny and the HG X Maoh.

Just like the Strike Freedom I kinda brushed off the Destiny design until I partially gave SEED Destiny a second try with the new remastered version. More specifically it was seeing the Destiny with its Wings of Light during the crescendo of the opener of the show that cemented the decision to pick this up.


Initially I wanted to mimic the look of the Destiny metal build but I just wasn’t up for the level of modifications needed to do so. So instead I lengthened the legs and the neck to try to move away from the stocky look people complained about when this RG was released.

Unfortunately where cement and super glue failed so did epoxy glue as the tiny pieces didn’t have enough surface area to have a strong hold at least for the neck. Fortunately though the rod that I glued in though allows the two sections I cut to still connect back together.

While letting the epoxy cure I built the Maoh and considering I have already built a HG X I pretty much knew how to handle the seams already.

Since I plan to get the MG X, have a HG one already, and suspect that a MG X Maoh is an inevitability I decided to do a custom color scheme and since I am always doing white Gundams I went with something dark.

The Destiny color wise for the most part is OOB except for the large backpack weapons. With the Maoh on the other hand there is plently of masking to do so I tried out Mr. Sol R which unlike Neo is actually made for plastic. The Sol R went on very smoothly which unexpectedly led to some problems and some discoveries but I will talk about that in the next post.


2 thoughts on “Two at once

  1. Do you ever have issues with paint not sticking to the inner frame of your RG kits? I noticed that was an issue with your RG SF. Do you have any advice on which paints to use or how to paint the inner frames so that the paint doesn’t flake off at the lightest touch? Or is that just inevitable with RG kits?

    • That was only a problem because I used Alclad’s gold for Lexan. Lexan is a type of plastic that is different from the plastics that BANDAI uses so it didn’t react as well as I hoped. Also when dealing with high shine metallics especially golds the oils in your hands can wear away the paint.

      I have painted EVERY RG I have including their frames and never really had any problems.

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