The curious case of Alclad primer


For the last few months I have been using Alclad black, gray, and white primers and for the most part they have been wonderful. They are pre-thinned, spray on smoothly, and have such a glossy finish that I have been using the black primer instead of normal black paint. The white primer is fine albeit completely inferior to Mr Base White and the gray is seemingly just like Mr Surfacer. The thing is with the HGAW Wing, the SD Hi Nu, and as your about to find out with the HG X Maoh things that remind me of the hell I went through with Plamo Color keep happening.

To continue from the last post I applied the Mr. Sol R to the HG X Maoh and it went on easily enough but unfortunately I learned that when using Mr. Sol on small areas you really should think of how your going to remove it before hand as it was extremely difficult to get off. Basically any piece that had a bit of masking tape to grab onto lifted off fairly easy but the tiny areas that just had Mr. Sol were such a pain that the paint got damaged.


I repainted the damaged areas and stuck to masking tape for the most part and everything was looking pretty good, that is until I actually put it together. As expected like the Wing and the Hi Nu the paint scratched badly at plastic on plastic joints and that’s when I released it was the primer.

You see what makes this so weird is that I have used this primer on every MG, RG, and PG I have painted this year and haven’t had a single paint scratch on any of them (the sliding shield of the RG Destiny shown below should be scratched to hell but instead it’s fine), but on every HG and SD it’s a nightmare. I know BANDAI has been changing around the types of plastic they use but I at least expected the old PG I did and these HG’s to use the same type. Once realizing this I sanded away the paint on the worst scratched pieces and primed them with Krylon primer and repainted them.

The Destiny on the other hand went smoothly, also I got impatient and bought an “Amazon used” RG Strike Freedom for just the wing.


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