Gundam Weapons: Char’s Counterattack Special Edition II


Since Char’s Counterattack is only a movie the number of suits utilized in it is somewhat limited, because of this Gundam Weapons: Char’s Counterattack Special Edition II tends to focus on showing in-depth WIP’s and custom builds

The book starts with a 2 page poster of a modded 1/100 MG Hi Nu Gundam on one side and a Gundam Evolve 5 conversion of the 1/100 MG Nu Gundam.

The first 4 builds use the MG Hi Nu as a base starting off with a basic OOB Hi Nu build. Next we have in-depth looks at a modified Hi Nu which looks just like the original line art and the other a more refined and better proportioned take on the MG Hi Nu. Finally we have a Nu using pieces from the original Nu and the Hi Nu body as a base to make a better proportioned MG Nu Gundam.

The next 3 builds are the last 1/100 kits featured in the book. First we have a Gundam Evolve 5 conversion of the 1/100 MG Nu Gundam, a scratch built novel version of the Nu Gundam, and a modified MG Re-GZ.

Moving on to the HGUC’s we start out with a group photo of some of the upcoming builds and a WIP of a pretty incredible Nu Gundam vs Sazabi diorama.

The first of the HGUC’s are 5 EFSF suits mostly consisting of Nu Gundam variants. First we have a OOB Nu and HWS Nu. Then a double fin funnel Nu conversion and a heavily modified mass production type Nu. Lastly a OOB Re-GZ with some alternative battle damaged pieces.

The next 7 HGUC’s are Neo Zeon kits starting with extra detailed versions of the Sazabi, Jagd Doga (Gyunei Custom), and a Jagd Doga (Quess Custom). The last 4 are all various Geara Doga builds. The first is a OOB build, the second a slightly modded Rezin custom, the third a modded custom conversion, and finally a heavy arms type with a seemly scratch built backpack and weapon.

The final 6 featured kits in the book are all modeled by the same person (Seira Masuo) and while they are all kits shown previously in the book the level of detailing make these last few kits stand out. The kits featured are a Nu, a Re-GZ, a Sazabi, a Jagd Doga, a Char custom conversion of the Jagd Doga, and a Geara Doga.

Like other Gundam Weapons there are tips on how to build and detail kits starting with basic techniques on a HGUC Nu then more advanced techniques on another Nu. From there the techniques get even more advanced as we see how to heavy mod a HGUC Sazabi.

The last few pages finishes off the how to section with very basic tips on how to OOB a MG Hi Nu as well as Char’s Counterattack line art with notes from the designers left in.

This book really emphasizes quality over quantity as even with OOB builds it gives numerous pages of lush vivid photos.

I initially bought this book because I wanted to modify a Hi Nu into the big bulky version shown in the original line art, the funny thing is that the Hi Nu ver Ka was announced a day later. But considering all the great builds contained in it I don’t regret the purchase at all.


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