First Commission and another word of warning


As I mentioned previously I am making commissions my priority but beyond that for my first commission my client needs 2 builds to be done in a short amount of time so I have been working faster than usual in order to make sure they go as smooth as possible, even with unforeseen complications.

My client wants me to do a MG 00 Raiser and a MG 00 Qan[T] similar to the HG 00 Raiser and the MG Qan[T] I did a few years back with some alterations here and there. I started with the 00 Raiser and seeing as how I have built the Qan[T] and the PG 00 Raiser before it was a pretty straight forward and familiar build that was until I came upon a big problem… a melted piece.

The 00 Raiser was from Amazon and while the 00 box was sealed with packing tape (never a good sign) I never would have expected that one of the pieces would look like this. The thing with Amazon is that when it comes to Gunpla most of the kits being sold are being sold through 3rd parties that are in Japan and will do whatever it takes to ship it internationally as cheap as possible. It really makes me hesitate from ordering kits from Amazon that aren’t already “used”, at least then I am getting a discount for buying a beat up kit.

I didn’t have the time to order a new part and luckily the piece that was melted only had superficial damage that with some pla plates and epoxy putty I could fix. But it sure was nerve-racking to have to fix a piece not only for someone else but as someone who has no track record for commissions.

Seems in the end my client is happy with the fix so now I am on to the Qan[T] as this damaged piece caused me days of delays.


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