Back to the Sazabi for a bit


I knew that I would be investing the next few months to commissions and wanted to make the eventual return to my Sazabi an enjoyable one so I decided to do some of the more tedious aspects of it prior to receiving the first commission model, the detailing and decaling.

Normally decaling and detailing models are some of my favorite parts of the build but with this one both were a lot more demanding. First of all because of the enamel metallics my normal methods had to change so I experimented hand painting enamels over enamels and to my surprise once cured lighter fluid couldn’t harm the red in the slightest. For the most part I was happy with my results but some areas did make me feel like I could do a better job if this was a normal paint job.

Decals wise this is a version Katoki kit so I did fall into the infamous “decal hell” numerous times since I decided to use every single one that was supposed to be applied to the reds.

Another issue I had to fix was that when originally painting the metallics I ran into a coverage problem with the funnel flaps. So I repainted the silver and candy red over the small bare areas and for the most part it came out fine. BTW the images are of them before I repainted them.

I have been working on the big commission for a few weeks now and with the holidays its progression has been slower than expected so even though I have had this post ready I held back from putting it up until I was far enough into the commission.


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