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While I wait for the metal decals I began working on my next and possibly last commission the Wing Proto Zero. The Wing Zero and possibly another commission build afterwards might be it. My finances are much better than they were when I started accepting them and frankly even if they weren’t I have become too tired of doing them.

With that out-of-the-way this Wing Proto Zero has really been a breath of fresh air. My client pre built and cleaned about 80% of the model in advance so I was able to progress much faster than usual.


For this Wing Zero my client wanted a two-tone white/gray like a RG but also a high shine candy coat for the colored areas. He also wanted a little bit of scribing after seeing the PG Strike Freedom panels. I have only worked with Alclad’s red candy before so I was really curious how other colors would look, and to me the blue especially looks amazing.

One issue I did have during the disassembly was that similarly to the MG Heavyarms the small wing kits tend to have one or two really fragile friction connected parts. For the Proto it’s the top flap cover for the gatling guns and the thin base for the buster. The top flaps I was able to deal with before they broke but one of the rifles just snapped in two, luckily though it was an easy fix.

Soon after with a bunch of masking I managed to finish the paint job.


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