Back with some HG’s


Jumping back into Gunpla I considered finishing the Sazabi but instead wanted to get a fresh build done, a simple and quick one. Interestingly enough though that spiraled into something that’s taking a bit longer.

I was really in the mood to do some snap fitting so I decided to work on my backlog HG’s starting with the HGUC Gouf. When I decide to buy a HG I take not only the design and features into account but what the seamlines are like, and the Gouf and most of the HGUC Zaku 2’s are pretty forgiving when it comes to that.

HG’s more than any other grade can have huge build design differences and some can have very easy to clean seams while others can have hair pullingly difficult seams that take heavy masking or gluing after painting in order to get rid of. With the Gouf all that was needed were easy mods and seams that were not only painless because of the curves but because they were in open spaces with no details in the way.


Once quickly taking care of the seams I still had an urge to continue snap fitting so I decided to work on multiple kits this time around, with the 2nd kit was the HGBF Crossbone Maoh. The Maoh is pretty much the epitome of a kit I wanted to get because of its lack of seams, as there are even less seams than the Gouf and barely any modding was needed.


Even with the Crossbone though I wasn’t satisfied so I decided on doing one more kit. I knew beforehand that this kit would be a handful but I still really wanted to work on it, the kit being the HGBF Gundam Wing Fenice Rinascita. Unlike the Gouf and the Crossbone the Rinascita has some pretty bad seamlines that are an absolute pain to deal with but the design was so well done I had to give it a try especially since I got this way before the MG was ever announced.

Once done with all of the normal clean up I went back to the Gouf and started to add some after market parts as well as a few indents. Just enough so I could add some extra detail without over complicating the kit.


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