Maoh Proportions


Once I felt like the Gouf was complete I started to work on the Crossbone Maoh and like I mentioned before it’s a kit I got expressly because of its lack of seamlines. The reason for that is I am somewhat ambivalent when it comes to the design of the Crossbone in general with all of its pirate themes. I did consider removing the chest skull and divorcing the base kit from the pirate motif like I did with my MG Crossbone years back but all the amazing weapons this kit came with plus the audacious design the Maoh sports pushed me into keeping everything.

With no direction on what to do with the kit I started to remember what the initial draw of the design itself was, the original line art from its first appearance in Build Fighters. In the few seconds of animation that it appeared in the skull was depicted as much smaller and the suit more menacing. That’s when I realized that trying to push the kit into a direction similar to its original art would not only give me a good excuse to modify it but would give it an aesthetic that I could actually appreciate.

Like usual when starting a build I look around for examples by other builders especially Japanese ones. Taking bits from various builds I decided to alter the proportions in a few ways. First I lengthened the legs at the upper thigh, knees, and the feet. Originally I planned to add some pla to the end of the feet but my time away from modding caused me to make a few mistakes resulting in me basically cutting away and rebuilding the toes of the kit.

For the arms I lengthened them just below the shoulder and enlarged the lower forearm, which proved to be the most time-consuming part as I was trying to make them as symmetrical as possible resulting in numerous redo’s.

The rest of the major mods were raising the waist, raising and rebuilding the neck, and raising the collar.

Beyond those I filled in gaps, added undersides to the skirts, sharpened some areas, added an antenna, and added some pla and scribed details.

Similarly to the Gouf I didn’t want to go overboard with the detailing since I got what I wanted from the proportion changes and didn’t want to take focus away from that.


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