Sharpening the Rinascita


I have always liked the design of the Gundam Wing Fenice Rinascita and didn’t want to do anything drastic to alter it but considering the amount of modding I was doing as of late I felt compelled to do more. The problem was that more so than the Crossbone I had little idea on how I should differentiate it from the basic OOB version.

Eventually I decided on improving the surface detail as much as I could, and that started with sharpening all the points on the kit. From the shoulders to the shield to the knees and so on I had to add bits of pla then shave them down into sharp points. While in the process I also filled gaps and areas that had connection pegs that could be easily seen, as well as covered the neck polycap in pla.

I also tried to detail the underskirts similarly to the Crossbone but ran into difficulties that prompted me to directly add the detail to the piece itself.

The next post will be about adding the real details.


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