Extra Details


What I wanted to do to set this build apart from the Crossbone and the Gouf was to give it as much surface detail I could without going overboard or just becoming frustrated with the process.

Adding pieces of pla was a must of course but I didn’t want to use much pla as that can not only bulk up a small kit like this but also even the smallest pieces of pla just can’t approach the level of minuscule detail fine scribing can give. Luckily I bought the often sold out and sometimes overpriced Hasegawa Scribing Template Set 1 in advance (which did take months to get to me at a reasonable price). I can’t emphasize enough how useful these were for this build as most of what I did with them would take an inordinate amount of time and effort without them. I highly recommend that if you want to add extra detail a kit especially something in a 1/144 scale you should pick up some.

Besides trying to mimic the panel lines and details of the MG version I also extended the areas below the calf thrusters. After changing the thrusters I felt like their size was a bit out-of-place so I made the back of the legs look like they were open exposing a non-existent inner frame in order for everything to blend together better.


There was a few other changes I wanted to make but decided against them as I wanted to retain the ability to transform the kit.



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