HGBF Crossbone Maoh


When I initially finished this model I ran into a couple of unforeseen problems that had me questioning if I should go back and fix them or just be satisfied with the results I got. Luckily because of all the work I put into proportions and last year’s track record with HG’s I went back and touched it up giving me a far better final kit.

The first problem was that the inner frame of the forearms fit very tightly in the armor so much so that even when snap fitting it I was difficult to put the pieces together. So after painting it when it was time to put the inner frame in the forearm armor the armor cracked. The other problem was that the purple strips through out the model were too dark and looked awkward.

Surprisingly fixing everything didn’t take long and with a little cementing, gluing, and some careful masking I came away with a far more impressive final result.


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