Gundam Weapons: Build Fighters Try Special Edition


When Build Fighters Try was announced it became evident that unlike the original Build Fighters most of the kit designs would be either brand new or be older designs modified to such a level they might as well be new. Because of that unlike previous Build Fighter Gundam Weapons books this one focuses on OOB builds slightly modified to heighten the detail or features of mostly HG’s.

While this book was released at the end of the series the tail end of designs weren’t released as kits yet. So models like the HG Denial Gundam or HG Transient Gundam aren’t included as well as the MG Red Warrior.

The book starts with a 2 page poster of the Team Try fighters suits. On one side the ones at the beginning of the series while on the other side the ones from the later half of the series.

The book is split into sections based off the actual episodes of the series. The first builds are of the episode 1 kits the 1/144 HGBF Build Burning Gundam and the Powered GM Cardigan. Both are cleaned up and slightly modified for better detail.

The episode 2 kits include 1/144 HG’s of the Gundam Airmaster with slight scratch building, a Hydra Gundam converted into the Cruel Gundam, a slightly modded Lightning Gundam, the AEU ENACT, and a highly modified Hi-Mock with various extra accessories.

Episode 3 featured 4 kits the R-Gyagya, the Nobell M Gundam (both of which have plenty of mods), the Rising K Gundam from a converted Shining Gundam, and a heavily modified Kouki Gundam.

Episode 5 has 5 builds the first two being alternate builds of the Build Burning and the Lightning with the Lightning Back Weapon System both of which have vastly different modifications than the previous ones. The 3 others are a slightly modded RX[G]Ez-SR Intruder, Eliminator, and Shadow Phantom.

For episode 8 there is a modified Winning Gundam.

Episode 9 features a modded Mega-Shiki, a Victory Gundam slightly altered into the Amethyst V Gundam, and a heavy modified G-Armor made into the G bomber.

The three kits associated with episode 10 are the Bearguy Family, a significantly modded Turn A Gundam, and a slightly modded Bearguy 2.

For episode 12 things are a bit different as we have an extensive look at a modified Gundam Amazing Red Warrior and a MG 1/100 Gundam Exia Dark Matter.

The final episode covered in this issue is number 15 featuring the last 5 kits of the book. First we have the Try Burning Gundam, the Lightning Gundam Full-Burnern, and the Star Winning Gundam all of which were significantly modified. The fourth kit is the MG 1/100 Sengoku Astray Gundam with various scratch built accessories. Finally we have a Gundam Blazing Red Warrior from a heavily modified Amazing Red Warrior.

Afterwards we have lineart as well as photos of the statues made of the girls in Build Fighters and Build Fighters Try.

Build Fighters Try kits for the time being are almost all 1/144 HG’s and no matter how advanced HG’s are these days they still need seamline cleaning and can always use extra detail. There are so many WIP’s in this book that will help give builders detail ideas or just allow them to handle specific seamline problems easier.

Personally this book gave me everything I was looking for and was definitely worth the buy.


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  1. Hello, Admin,, I do appreciate about this post, this really awesome.
    could I have more scan images about this books, I really like the series… 😉
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