Something a little different again


A combination of the new season of daredevil, Civil War coming out, and fairly good new marvel figures has pushed me to fix up some older figure customs as well as do a few new ones.

First I went and fixed some topcoat problems with my captain marvel which pushed me to sculpt her new more accurate hair and repaint her face.

Next I repaired my first modified spider-man, changed his feet out with ones with toe articulation, and had to repaint the whole figure over.

Picked up a movie black widow figure that I wanted to look more comic inspired while keeping all the figure’s surface detail. Gave her a new head, modified her hair for the head, reshaped her torso to make her curvier, replaced her fake holsters with magnets and gave her magnetic accessories for it, and repainted the whole thing.

I convinced myself to pick up an agent venom and a Hulkbuster. The agent venom didn’t take much to fix first I removed the fake holster with a real one made with pla plate, dry brushed a dark gray-blue over the whole figure then repainted all the white, and finally dry brushed and detailed the guns.

The Hulkbuster was a whole other beast, this thing had so much surface damage that I had to fill its various slash marks and gaps that look like finger prints.

Beyond those fixes this figure took a hell of a lot of masking as well as clean up, it really made me wish BANDAI had to rights to make a model of this as that would have been far easier to work with as well would have had much sharper details.


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