Customizing Converge


I snap built a Gundam Wing Proto a couple of weeks ago but since the commission I did of it last year turned out so well I feel with my own personal one I have to do more. So while that is on the back burner I still continue to be in a figure customizing mood, and this time in a somewhat different way.

First I wanted to do a custom Superior Spider-man but in order to do it right I needed the backpack that Hasbro in all their cost cutting never made, so I went to Shapeways where I ordered a 3D printed one that the action figure community were talking up. I have seen many 3D printers before and I knew all about the roughness of the prints but I was still surprised at the grit of the pieces on the runner that arrived.

I tested how easily I could smooth out the surfaces but came to the realization that it would take days sanding and loads of putty that I just couldn’t afford at the moment. So instead I tried my best to shade the pieces in ways that de-emphasized the texture.

The final result was pretty good but I don’t thing I will ever order another 3D printed item for anything detailed like figures or models ever again.

To more Gundam related items, the new Converge set came to the US last week and I picked up a few of them. One of them happens to be a new and improved Exia leaving the old one pretty obsolete. So I felt this was a good chance to give painting a Converge figure a try and make it a trans-am version.

The final result was better than I expected especially since I ran into some paint issues (some “brands” of “stainless steel” balls used for mixing paint can rust off in the paint bottle… sigh).

I was happy with the result and I was itching to do more so I picked up another new Exia and decided to do a repair version too.

Came out great and was even easier to do than the trans-am version. Not sure if I will really do anymore custom Converges but at least now I know it’s a viable option.


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