Commissions everywhere


I opened up commissions back again over a month ago and maybe because of Iron Blooded Orphans success, advertising on Ebay, or just dumb luck I have been flooded with commission requests. So I boxed my Wing Proto and started to work on kits in order of arrival.

The first commission is a MG Red Astray painted in the Gold Astray colors. A nice and simple job that I really had fun with except for that gold doesn’t take well to friction.

The other commission I worked on simultaneously with the Astray was a MG Turn X from another client. The big thing about this is that the client wanted a LED in the chest.

The thing though is when he said a LED in the chest he meant he wanted the whole chest to light up which made this build go from fun to frustrating quickly. In order to light up the chest I had to dig out a lot of the inner part of the chest and cut out large X-shaped holes. Harder than that was fitting in the LED and the batteries needed to light up that big of an area. As well as adding a switch and making the LED still work in “All range attack” mode.

With the LED’s done now it’s time to finish both of these kits so I can get started on the numerous other commissions in queue.


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