Old and New


Currently I’m working on two more commissions one a kit I am already familiar with the MG Sazabi ver ka and a kit I never expected to ever see the Machine Caliber Striker.

For the Sazabi the client basically wanted a candy blue and silver version of the kit. It’s a straight forward build that reminds me how the Sazabi almost has a PG level part count. Also even though I am building a kit I have built before I should still be a little careful when handling fragile parts.

The PLAMAX SG-02 Machine Caliber X3752 Striker on the other hand is the first kit I ever built from Max Factory, a brand that I only knew for figmas to the point that I didn’t even realize they occasionally make models. Now I’m not sure if it’s because I tend to only build Bandai kits but the Striker reminded me of building a bootleg kit. The plastic felt weak and all the connections were way too tight both in ways I have seen in bootleg Chinese made kits. On the plus side though the plastic was smooth unlike the grainy texture most bootlegs tend to have and it was almost fully undergated. Also from the base, to the waterslide decals, to the included rolled poster, to the beautifully embossed box it came in everything had a really great presentation.

The client of the Striker also wanted me to make some small modifications.

At this rate it looks like I should be able to finish the Sazabi first with the Striker coming in a week or so later.


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