MAC competition third entry

I can now finally show what I am working on for my main attempt at the MAC contest. I didn’t want to enter them into the competition until I snap fitted and cleaned the nubs so it took a while before I could even mention them. The entry this time is in the diorama category and will consist of 4 HGUC models, the Nu Gundam, the Jagd Doga, the Geara Doga, and the commander type Gear Doga.

The battle scene will be of the Nu taking all 3 enemy suits down in succession on the surface of axis. For a long time I was considering if I wanted to take the plunge and make this either a hidden support type diorama (some of the models are in the air but have no visible support elevating them), a LED type where everything from the thrusters to explosions are illuminated, or the normal type. Eventually after finding a good deal on LED’s decided to just go for the LED type.

Here are some pics of the basic concept.


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