Small Striker Update


After getting a significant amount of the Sazabi done I decided to focus on the Striker.

I didn’t really mention it before but I assume one of the reasons why I was probably commissioned for this kit is that it has some horrible color separation and instead has a huge sheet of waterslide decals. It’s great that these are waterslide and not stickers or something but most of them are just too big and I imagine wouldn’t look good at all on a finished build. The worst part is that there are paint apps that have no corresponding decal for so if one was to build this out of box and managed to make the decals look good it would still not look right.

As you imagine this thing took a ton of masking.

Since my client wanted the kit to look shaded and slightly weathered I thought of doing a different form of post shading then I normally do, I painted all the colors in their base shades then after everything was done I took Tamiya smoke (which basically is a clear dark gray) and did all the shading.

Since I shaded it like that not much extra weathering was needed so I just used some pigments from a Tamiya Weathering Master and dry brushed some silver on it.


One thought on “Small Striker Update

  1. Hey man can you scan the lineart section of Gundam Weapons BF Try that you posted some pages in the past?

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