For the clients


For the next few commissions I wanted to complete them in a similar time frame since they belong to multiple clients. When you do that it makes each build take longer so a bit of anxiousness might have accumulated because I wasn’t posting them up here. So now that I have something to show for all 3 of them it’s time to post an update.

The first kit I started working on is a MG Jesta. There aren’t any mods or anything it’s just a custom paint job

At the time of writing this it’s completed and further images will probably be in the next post.

The second kit is a desert diorama for a 1/144 GM Cardigan. For now the kit is built while ideas for the concept and specifics of the diorama are being relayed back and forth between me and the client, so I expect this build to be ongoing for some time.

The last kit is a straight built MG Wing Zero Custom in its OOB colors. A pretty simple job except for the issues I have with this older MG aka loose parts and seamlines.


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