Swimming in Commissions


With the Jesta done I got back to the Wing Zero and committed to finishing it first and foremost.

Since I have built this kit before I knew what to expect but that also applies to what seamline methods work better than others. When I did my first Wing Zero MG a few years ago I used techniques found in old Gundam Weapons scans and for this one I did the same except that this time I modified the shoulders in a way that retained it sturdiness.

Also the main culprit of frustration in this kit the back wings were done with masking instead of modifications this time making them far tighter and poseable.

Beyond that the only issue I had was some delays in the decals arriving.

While waiting for the decals I started working on the GM Cardigan diorama’s base. I took some insulation foam I had lying around and cut them into 8×8 squares then glued them together with dumbbell weights holding them down. Once I let them dry for a day or so I start cutting them but since I don’t have any special tools for that it was difficult and messy.

After adding back some foam with the help of a hot glue gun I added walls of card board to each side. Each were measured closely in order to give the base more accurate 8×8 dimensions as the foam wasn’t perfectly cut.

Plaster of Paris was then applied coating the top of the foam and filling in the gaps on the edges so that the resulting plaster would have the correct dimensions.


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