The diorama post

I originally was planning to split everything about the diorama into multiple posts but I kept putting off updates until this happened.

Continuing from where I left off, I removed the cardboard holding the plaster in the shape I wanted and glued specifically cut pla plates to it. In the end I wasn’t happy with how shallow the area housing the water was so I cut away at it and added a thin later of plaster. From there I mixed up some glue and sand while wrapping the models in plastic wrap and proceeded to add texture to the base while running the kits through it so they would look like a apart of the scene.

Priming, painting, pastels, some slight washes, dry brushing, and some bushes surrounding the water area made me think at the time I was most of the way done.

The client gave me some various items I could include in the build and one of them was a soft plastic Dopp that I think came with a Zaku figure. Initially I thought since it was soft plastic painting it would be too hard and that I would have no use for it, but considering the weathered state the Dopp would be in I felt the soft plastic wouldn’t be such a hindrance. So I broke apart the Dopp into pieces and started to weather and add slight details to it. After some paint and weathering I was really satisfied with the result.

Similarly to the Clanche Camo diorama I used acrylic medium for the water which was a necessity for me financially but for anyone wondering clear resin would have been a much better choice.

Considering this is supposed to be a desert oasis palm trees were an addition I thought would bring a lot to the diorama but the price and shipping times just wasn’t right for me so I made some instead. Using some cheap aquarium accessories and a bunch of online palm tree tutorials I managed to make two trees that I was really proud of.

Not entirely satisfied with the way the diorama was looking I talked it over with my client and changed a few things by adding more movement to the water, adding more color depth to the sand, increasing the amount of foliage on the base, and generally adding more detail.

Finally it was time to paint the actual model, the GM Cardigan. The client wanted it to be inspired by the White Dingo color scheme.


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