Another kit another word of warning

A few updates in this post as well as a fix for a certain kit.

For the longest time I have been wishing there was a website that lists the things to look out for on each Gundam kit, like what piece is easily breakable and so on. Whenever I run across a kit where something breaks and it feels more like that piece was absurdly tight or fragile rather than it being user error I try to mention it. But it sucks when you encounter this on a kit that more than enough people have built but no one talks about it. Most of the time these issues occur during the breakdown after a snapfit and this time is no exception.

The current commission I am working on is a MG Build Strike Gundam and the piece in question is one of the beam cannon holders on the backpack. The connection is plastic on plastic and is so tight that pulling them apart just ripped the peg off, only one of the two beam cannons had this issue so I’m not sure how widespread this problem actually is. Did the metal rod/paper clip fix and made sure to sand down both pegs so there would be no breakage again. It should be invisible once painted.

Before even starting the Build Strike backpack I finished a few commission builds that for one reason or another I didn’t upload WIP’s of while working on them. The first few were a MG Astray Noir with a Blue Frame D backpack and Fenice Rinascita wings. The second was a bootleg Astray Flight backpack.

Some masking for the flight pack as it has very basic color separation.


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