Bootlegs and Repaints

I finished the Build Strike backpack while waiting for the main body to come in the mail so I started to work on another commission a third-party kit called the Hi Nu EVO.

The Build Strike backpack was a pretty quick paint job except for some parts that the client wanted masked and I was satisfied with it at the time, but unfortunately this would end up being an issue down the road.

Moving on to the Hi Nu EVO, like many other bootlegs the EVO is based on a resin conversion kit and it shows as the inner frame is mostly made up of the old Hi Nu Bandai kit. Even with that to work off of the third-party aspects and the age of this kit result in a lot of parts that didn’t fit well and had to be trimmed and glued.

I’m not sure if it was the age of the kit which made it simple even though it has a big part count or my love for the Hi Nu Gundam but this was a fairly painless build even with all the things I had to fix.


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