Runny decals

The Master Grade 00 Seven Swords would have been a smooth build if it wasn’t for one thing… faulty decals.

The client for this one basically wanted it OOB so I gave it my normal pre/post shade but the shadows and highlights didn’t go as far as I wanted so I used smoke for the blues and fluorescent red for the red (I would have done the same for the blue if I had any fluorescent blue).

Even though this third-party decal set was probably based on the metal build decals, with no instructions it was a lot of guess-work to figure out where everything went. Beyond that the real issues started once softer was applied to them and they started to smear. This was mostly a problem with the large blue ones luckily, so once everything was put together it wasn’t that noticeable unless you were really looking for it. From now on I’ll try and stick to Samuel Decals instead of random decal sellers on Ebay.



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