Another go at it

Up next are more third-party kits and another try at the MG Build Strike.

The client who commissioned the last Build Strike decided to commission another as well as another bootleg for a friend called the BTF ZZ. While waiting for the ZZ in the mail I quickly built the MG Build Strike and since I knew about the problem area in the backpack it was a smooth build. BTW since the backpack issue was also evident here as well it means it wasn’t a one-off molding error last time and is a thing with all MG Build Strikes out there so watch out.

The BTF ZZ continues in a line of third-party kits based off resin molds but this time around from what I gather no Bandai parts were used neither in the armor or the inner frame. The build started off fairly well with pieces actually fitting and little to no trimming needed to be done but once I got to the arms and legs all the normal problems with bootlegs came back and showed me that even with a mold not based off a Bandai one there will probably be issues.

The client wanted something similar to the FAZZ sentinel color scheme but with some extra masking and some small mods similar to another BTF ZZ custom found on the internet.

Now all that’s left is decals.


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