Time to get to work

Took a day or two off after finishing the base and managed to redo the area I use for modeling while I was at it (I will make a post showing where I do my modeling in the future). Yesterday though I came to a decision to alter my original design for the layout and action of the diorama. Basically not much has changed except that the Nu will be firing a beam rifle instead of a beam saber. With this all the damage done to the other models will be projectile based instead of melee based. Also the Nu will be elevated much higher than it was originally. I wanted to stare clear of working on battle damage and explosions at the moment so I started modifying the Nu Gundam for the LEDs that will be placed inside of it.

Firstly I cut the camera on the left of its chest out.

Then I cut the back side of the backpack thrusters and drilled out holes so the LED’s would fit directly within them. A lot of cuts latter and I managed to string the wires through to the stomach.

Next I tackled the head by cutting out it’s eyes and it’s head cameras. Finally I placed a LED in the beam rifle and funneled the wires through the handle to the hand all the way up through the arm.

Wanted to mention a few other things namely that I am going to change the beam rifle’s LED with a pink one once I get my new shipment of LED’s. That since this is a fixed pose model I am pretty much ruining the articulation in order to get the LED’s working right. That these pre wired LED’s are a blessing and a curse, that alleviate the frustration of wiring it all up but in the end you get far more wires clogging the area when you could have consolidated them. Finally that for anyone interested I HIGHLY recommend the HGUC Nu Gundam, it is probably the best HG 1/144 model out there. To put it simply it almost has no seam lines. It only has 2 seams and they are on the rifle and bazooka, the bazooka one being a small area on the top and for the rifle half of the underside, they aren’t even noticeable. It does leave a bit to be desired articulation wise but besides that it is amazing for a HG.



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