Like the PG Strike Freedom but better

While I continuing work on the Wing Zero I’ve started another kit I’ve been looking forward to build since it’s release.

Like the PG Strike Freedom the 1/100 Barbatos Lupus was a kit that I seriously considered buying only to have a commission including that kit come up. With the Strike Freedom the commission exposed me to all the worst parts of that kit’s design leaving me with a very bad impression, for the Lupus though the impression is much better. When I first saw this kit it seemed like it was so good that for a MG version BANDAI would struggle to come up with additional features, but after putting it together I will say it does leave a lot of room for improvement. On a whole though I am interested in picking up one if a MG isn’t anywhere on the horizon.

One of those non MG issues is the seamlines especially in the side skirts. I tried various ways around it but I just couldn’t find a way to modify the side skirts where I could paint them first then assemble without the glaring seam. After discussing it with the client I decided on modifying it in a way where parts of the seam are sealed while other parts are made into panel lines. Hopefully when I eventually get the Gundam Weapons IBO 2nd season book it will have a way around this outside of just masking the whole thing.

The client also wanted some extra panel lines, wiring in some of the joints, a Tekkadan flag, and even a Barbatos cloak.

For the cloak and flag I needed to work with cloth and I needed to print white on red which would basically be impossible for me to do myself so I ordered a custom printed shirt from Amazon.

With some added smoke and lots of fraying I think they’re ready.


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