Fin Funnel Frustration

Continuing with the Nu Gundam I moved down to it’s lower body and managed to add LEDs to the thrusters while channeling the wires through the legs right to the waist. The only problem is that because of the thickness of the wires I will have to rewire the feet thrusters and the calf thrusters together so that only a pair of wires have to travel through the leg.

After that I thought I would breeze through the next part but like usual with gunpla the things I expect to be simple end up the most difficult and time consuming. Done with the body I started on the fin funnels. While not integral to the diorama I wanted 2 or 3 fin funnels hovering around the place. I approached them by mimicking a Korean modeler who is very well known for his amazing LED gunpla work

I ran into a bunch of problems first being that I was unable to do the back thrusters of the funnels. I just couldn’t fit 2 separate LEDs back to back without it being a big mess of wires. I even made a quick thruster emission out of cotton (wont have micro fiber for some time) to see if it was worth it and it wasn’t.

Doing this has even a greater impact of the diorama then one would think. It makes it so if a thruster isn’t being used at that moment it shouldn’t be illuminated. Which will cut down on a lot of the LEDs on the Zeon suits. Of course I can just do what ever I want but I want some consistency.

The other problem I faced was that the LEDs just couldn’t illuminate the fin funnels enough. In low light they look great but with the amount of light used to take high quality photos without using a high powered camera (which I don’t have) they come off very dim. For now I am using red LEDs and will receive pink ones very soon but even so I have no guarantee they will be brighter. Note the blue fin funnel was me testing it out with a brighter blue LED (the ones I having been using for thrusters) and it was so bright the camera couldn’t capture the light correctly.

I decided to try something different to tackle the brightness issue. So I used hot glue and transparent pla sheets to make a beam field within the fin funnel. The hot glue beams were just a test and I could make it look even better so now I am considering which route to take.


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