Back to back weathering

With all the seamline issues dealt with (except for the back wings which come last) it was time to tackle the only really new thing with this build the extra feathers.

In my first Wing Zero Custom build I made some extra feathers out of pla plate with varying levels of success but this time the client wanted to use the standard third-party feather set. This feather set has been online for like a decade and I have always wanted to take a look at it and see if was worth a purchase. The set is basically 2 thin sheets of pla plate with lightly etched feather shapes that you have to finish cutting out then glue to the wings. It’s pretty bare bones and is priced accordingly by some, unfortunately the thinness of the plastic makes it feel like paper making it very fragile.

After painting the kit in for the most part out of box colors I masked and sealed the back wings and finished the paint job. Some panel lining and decals later it was time to apply weathering to my second kit in a row.

The client wanted it weathered but not as much as the Lupus was, so I basically did what I did with the Lupus but in a much more controlled and delicate way. Still I was a bit sad to dirt up the wings I took so much time to paint well.


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