A day after the last post I got a little package, it was the 2nd shipment of LEDs that I ordered. 100 blue, 50 white, and 20 pink, I have no idea what I am going to do with all these LEDs after this diorama is over. Now with the pink LEDs I compared them to the red ones and luckily they are much brighter.

After trying the new lights out I went ahead and tried making a bigger and better beam field using hot glue but it was just a mess, so I gave up on that. Instead I made another etched beam field and this time did it cleaner. With the brighter LED and the cleaner transparent plate the beam field looked good in high or low light. I then went ahead and redid the first etched beam field and consider that aspect of the build done. By the way I used the clear front cover of a CD/DVD jewel case for the pla in this. They are clear and thick enough to get the job done, the only problem is you have to be very careful when cutting them cause you can crack them easily.

Being done with the fin funnels it was time to try and wire everything up together. The legs went fine and modified the waist so that a 2 pin connector could connect the model to the exterior power source.

The upper body was a whole other issue. I was getting EXTREMELY frustrated trying to get all the wires fitting in the small chest and stomach of the 1/144 Nu Gundam. During this I ended up losing the forehead jewel and just got fed up, this was the point where the title of this post actually occurred.

The next day after I cooled off I made a new forehead jewel with the mindset that the model will be weathered anyway so little imperfections were fine. I also redid the wiring so that closing everything up was actually possible. Once everything finally started working together I took it all a part so that I could start adding battle damage and priming.


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