From one kit to the next

Unforeseen delays resulted in me working on 3 commissions simultaneously.

I’ve mentioned this before but some of my clients change their minds last second or send me something to add to the build that takes extra time. During this I start another kit but every now and then that can happen back to back leaving me working with a bunch at once.

This time it happened with the MG Blue Astray, the MG Freedom 2.0, and the 1/100 Dynames. The first was the Blue Astray and besides the metallics and candy coats what took so long on this build was the extras. From the extra Astray rifles/shields/backpacks, to painting Barbatos swords made of actual metal, to unfortunately the use of metal decals. This build has dragged on and on and there are still more changes coming as I write this.

For the Freedom I was waiting for the color scheme to be finalized so I just did a snapfit and painted the inner frame.

The Dynames on the other hand was one of the most enjoyable commissions I have done in a while, partially because it was the first 1/100 NG 00 kit I ever built. For a few years now I have been waiting for the 10th anniversary of 00 (2017) in the hopes of BANDAI announcing some MG versions of the other Gundams from 00, but with most of year over my hopes for MG’s are dwindling, so I have started to consider the NG kits. Beyond that the client gave me a lot of freedom with this build basically only wanting it to resemble the MG White Dingo.

With that said this 10 year old no grade did show it’s age with some dated articulation and some pretty bad seamlines. I tried to modify as many of the seams as possible but I ended up having to mask, replace sanded away details, and change seams into panels. Besides that the kit also is in need of a lot of masking to really make up for the lack of color separation of smaller details.

Even though the clean up could be daunting the freedom given and the simple color scheme made me put more effort into the build resulting in a more complicated but more satisfying job.


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