Painting the Nu

It’s been a while but I have been spending that time painting, decaling, and weathering the Nu Gundam. After doing light battle damage with a dremel I primed and did a pre shade coat with black since I wanted the white to have a pretty strong shade as it helps with the weathered look. I went with alclad gunmetal for the inner frame but unfortunately it was extremely dark, so much so that it could be confused with the black.

I decided that I had to redo the frame and used alclad dark aluminum instead. Doing the yellow was the most difficult as I primed the model with Krylon gray primer and this primer is pretty dark so I had to paint about 6 different coats of yellow before it was the right shade. One last thing I did before decaling was to paint silver in the recesses that house the LEDs so that the funneled light would be brighter.

I wanted this Nu Gundam to have slight battle damage but no signs of weathering from time or use. So I didn’t use things like salt weathering or washes instead I used the techniques found in Kamm’s HLJ MKII tutorial which can be found here. I used them before on the RX78-2 diorama and the results were good then as well. I might have gone a little overboard here and there but overall the results were pretty good.


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