Equipment Problems

As the Bael build continued something unexpected happened my painting equipment died.

The last 2 months have been pretty strange when it comes to the lifespan of things I own starting with my phone dying followed by my main media hard drive also dying less than a week later. Besides other smaller things falling apart during those 2 months while working on the Bael not only did my spray booth motor die but my compressor also stopped working.

With my phone and hard drive in order to put a better spin on the situation I used the opportunity to do some upgrades which I did the same for my spraying equipment. For the compressor I just replaced it with a newer version of the same model but for the booth instead of buying a new one I replaced the fan with an even stronger one. For reference my spray booth is the Master Airbrush spray booth that a few people in the community use or at least recommend, and when taking it apart I discovered it uses a computer case fan for ventilation. So instead of simply replacing it with another 12 x 12 cm 130 CFM fan I managed to find a fan that was the same size but put out an incredible 240 CFM. It took a new AC adapter but now with the new fan my spray booth is far better than it ever was except for one drawback the fan is so loud it’s like a vacuum.

With everything working I was able to finish spraying the Bael and bit by bit weather every part of it similarly to the Lupus.

There is still some more weathering to go but it’s close to being done.


2 thoughts on “Equipment Problems

  1. Axial fans are not explosion proof because the mechanism for rotating the fan lies directly in the middle of the exhaust flow. Maybe you have some anecdotal evidence that “proves” you don’t spray enough fumes to possibly support combustion, but I ask why you want to use a fan for exhaust, that is not suitable for exhausting fumes and vapors? Wouldn’t a fan made specifically to exhaust noxious fumes and vapors, be a more suitable choice?

    At about 16-18 volts, a bilge blower used for marine applications can match the CFM you are seeing now, maybe like 2.5 amps. Crank it higher than that to 20+ volts and 3 ish amps and you’ll have more than your current fan, and have the added bonus of not risking torching your entire home. Bilge blowers are made specifically to exhaust explosive vapors, using a design the moves the motor out of the flow of exhausted fumes.

    • Been using computer case fans for spray booths since I started airbrushing (over 7 years ago), even this commercially sold booth originally used a comp fan for exhaust.

      So it’s not “proof” as much that if there is a chance at all it’s so insanely low that it’s not worth the investment money wise or time wise to build a brand new spray booth from scratch with a expensive fan.

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