Testament Gundam

A client wanted me to do a clean out of box build of the recently released Testament Gundam, allowing me to finally try the newest kit from what people say is the best third-party Gunpla makers Dragon Momoko.

I don’t consider this one of my more traditional builds which is why there wasn’t a WIP nor a section for it in the completed section [Update: decided to eventually add it]. Instead this is more of a display of what you can do with it without paint and me pointing out any issues I had with it during the build.

First of all the chest went together like a dream coming as close as a third-party kit has come to making something that feels like a Bandai kit. The head on the other hand was an unexpected pain that I had to do multiple fit tests and ultimately glue a stubborn piece that just wouldn’t fit right. The arms for the most part were really solid except for the copied 3.0 hands that were very fragile. The waist and the legs were also problem free coming together without any trimming, modding, or glue required. The only thing I can even think of being an issue for the backpack were some tricky placed nubs and some important joints being overly tight and needing to be loosened up.

If you’re building this without painting it the only real issue with the way the plastic looks is that the silver parts have a tremendous amount of marbling making them look off even with a flat coat.

The kit also comes with pretty good waterslides that come in various extra colors for if you want to paint it in a different scheme. Like seemingly all third-party kits the stickers it comes with are pretty bad, they don’t fit that great and aren’t even cut that well.

There are rumors that Dragon Momoko has been shut down and after first hand experiencing the build quality of their kits I must say I’m sad to see them go.


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    • It’s been pretty much confirmed at this point that Bandai closed them down. They might spring up under a different name in the future but for now they are dead.

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