From best to worst

How ironic that the last kit I worked on was the best third-party gunpla kit I have ever seen and my current commission is what I would consider the worst third-party kit I have ever built the 1/100 Woundwort.

Bandai seems hesitant to release Advance of Zeta kits so its come to third-party companies to adapt these designs. One of the strangest from the series is the Woundwort and the first company to release a 1/100 is Cute Cube. Cute Cube is new to the market and it shows big time with this release as it is riddled with a tremendous amount of QC issues even compared to most other bootlegs.

First of all this kit has extreme fitting issues. With Bandai kits I would say 95-100% of the pieces fit well, with newer Dragon Momoko kits it’s around 90%, with most bootleg companies it’s anywhere from 60-80%, but with this kit it was around 30%. So 70% had to be modified here and there to actually snap together and because of that the resulting kit is very loose making glue a necessity.

Surprisingly even the instructions are poor, not explaining the functions of certain pieces or what is actually included in the box. For example there is an unannounced extra rifle in the box and I have no idea if this kit can actually transform or not.

The client wanted some extra panel lines and for me to add some after market parts. The panel lines were standard for the most part but for the after market parts because of their size I had to get creative with how to apply them. With no drill bit big enough to cut the holes needed I took my dremel and grinded away the plastic to the most uniform circle I could. It was a lot more work then I expected but it came out clean enough.

The color scheme was similar to the base colors with mostly the frame and the yellow being changed.

While this isn’t the most frustrating kit I have ever built it sure ranks high on that list.


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