Beam rods

Having a small problem, I have to choose what to use for the main beam of the diorama. This beam will go from the Nu Gundam’s beam rifle through the chest of the Jagd Doga. I am using clear acrylic rods, the problem is which version to use.

First I tried using spare clear sprues the problem is all the nubs and stuff on them, being clear it is almost impossible to remove the big intersecting chunks of plastic.

There is also clear pink sprues which are longer so they have almost no nub areas to deal with, the problem with these though are that they don’t illuminated as drastically as the pure clear rods.

The third solution is the clear rods I already have that are pretty thick, they illuminate great but they are huge and might even through off the balance of the Nu or the Jagd Doga.

Lastly was using old beam saber blades primarily the MG ZZ Gundam beam blades which are pretty big. The positives are the shape which have more of a blast look to them as they gradually change in thickness, on the other hand they are also clear pink so the same problems from before are still present.

There is one last solution and that is buying clear rods specifically in the size needed. It’s just that this build has become very expensive already and every time I have to spend more on it I get more and more frustrated.


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