The first of two overloaded Strikes

This and my next commission are both 2 very different Strikes overloaded with extras this one being the Lukas Strike E.

The Lukas Strike is basically the Strike Noir with the IWSP backpack and since it was released before the Strike RM it uses the old model as a base which meant using something I haven’t seen on a MG in years… screws.

Mods wise the client wanted the pointy blue shoulders to be removed and cut down to the base white armor. He also felt that the grand slam sword would slip out of the hand provided for it so I installed a metal peg to keep it stationary without having to resort to just gluing both together.

Color scheme wise the client wanted it in titans colors with some specific color placement here and there.

Before I was finished with the build the client wanted some slight changes here and there so this isn’t the final look of the kit just yet.


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