Last build of the year

Finishing off the year with one of my most favorite builds of the year.

I don’t get much commissions for HG’s so I was pretty happy to get one for the Mega Shiki, but instead of a basic build this was somewhat of a kit bash with a third-party RG styled Defenser pack.

The client wanted a moderate amount of clean up with this so I dealt with most of the worst seams and added panel lines for others to hide their seams.

For the Defenser the backpack connection was specifically made for the RG MK2 so there wasn’t any way to connect it to the Mega Shiki so after confirming that the client didn’t want to be able to use the original backpack I decided to scratch build a small backpack connection piece. First I measured the area cut the rectangle and stacked pla plate trimming the sides here and there until I thought it was thick enough. Afterwards I sanded down the sides and instead of filling in the gaps I covered each side with a thin strip of pla. I wasn’t confident that just gluing it would have enough strength so I drilled a hole and put a tube of pla in it to connect to the back of the Shiki allowing the cement to be even more effective.

The connection to the backpack works well but it’s a bit of a pain to get it on snugly.

Color scheme wise the client wanted me to mimic some lineart he found online of a custom Hyaku Shiki.

The only real issue I had with the build came near the end when I noticed that some of the decals were silvering. I tried a bunch of stuff but they just wouldn’t clear up the way I wanted. I also used few from a different company on the kit and ran into no issues so I’m starting to think maybe testing out decal sheets I receive for commissions before using them might be in order.


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