Double the fun

I had 2 clients with slightly uncommon but lighter work load builds ask me to do 2 kits at the same time so I like a few times in the past I started them simultaneously.

The first kit is a 1/100 NG Vent Saviour Gundam form Gundam SEED Destiny. This old model was pretty simple with a part count lower than most HG’s but also could transform without being a part former. When I first took a look at this kit I knew there would be seamlines but there were more than I expected and quite a few unmodifiable ones at that. Talking with the client he seemed like he just wanted this to remain a simple build construction wise so I opted to do the modifiable seams and leave the others untouched.

For the paint scheme the client wanted it to be in the Destiny Impulse Gundam colors with the dark purple being metallic. I used Mr Color GX metallic purple and usually with these GX metallics they are so desaturated I have to apply a clear color over them but for this one it came out of the bottle so perfectly that I had to mention it here.

The second kit was a MG Zeta 2.0 that was pre built but needed to be completely re-sanded. The client wanted it in a blue version of the Amuro’s custom zeta 3A, but the thing was that most of the blue he wanted was from decals and large 3rd party decals tend to fall apart easily. It was a bit painstaking to repair and piece together numerous ripping decals but the final product made it worth it.


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