Jagd Doga road block

Starting this week I stepped up my speed on the Jagd Doga and began painting. Luckily after a thread on the Mecha Lounge I came to realize that my understanding of pre shading and post shading was wrong. Because of this I looked at a few new spraying tutorials (this being one of them) and instead of using pre or post shading I decided to use both but in a new more knowledgeable way. The result was much better than expected and with a whole lot of masking (this is a HG) I managed to finished it.

After looking at as many beam related dioramas as I could for examples I came up with how I would paint the beam contact areas. I first tried it out on a few pre painted spoons since I was pretty worried about messing up this new paint job. I went with some Mr Hobby Base White to make sure it has a nice bright back drop. For anyone not familiar with Mr Hobby Base White it is basically white primer without the thickness of primer. It’s something you mix with primer or coat on top of primer that will not only brighten the model to white with only one thin coat but it will allow you to paint white on red or black without the darker colors ever bleeding through. Fluorescent orange and yellow followed the white and the result was for the most part good.

I did what little panel lines there was and any other small details that need to be hand painted but before doing the weathering I needed to apply decals, and that’s where I had a problem. I ordered decals for the Jagd Doga and the Geara Doga’s from samuel decals but unfortunately I took too long to order it so by the time I was ready to apply them I still had a couple of days to wait for them to arrive in the mail. So what I did was apply whatever decals I could and started weathering only the areas I wasn’t planning to cover in the new decals.

For now this is all I can finish until the decals arrive.

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