I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while

For a few months now I have wanted to get back to figure customizing but with limited time and space I can only really do 1 or 2 projects at once and with all the commissions I put figures on the back burner. So with the commissions slowing down I took the opportunity to get some figures done before I get busy again.

If you’re interested in this Flash figure the eBay page can be found here.

Since about a year ago I wanted a great Flash figure but there really wasn’t any good options as each figure had either bad proportions, bad articulation, or was just ugly. The closest one was a DC icons rebirth Flash which had nice proportions, molded details, and had the best looking face I could find in 1/12 scale. The problem was that its articulation just wasn’t good enough and it had paint rub chipping in the joints.

So I took the figure apart and gave it thigh swivels, cut into the shoulders so they could rest flat at his sides, and cracked apart the waist were I cut away at the crunch so its horrible range could be improved. I then separated the chest and dremeled away plastic to improve it then epoxied the back so the new articulation looked good from any angle. Afterwards I redid the neck joint completely with a marvel legends neck and added toe articulation. Finally I cut the head fins to make them look like how they are supposed to in the comics, modified a 2nd pair of hands for the figure, and made some flexible speed force electricity. All the while going through the normal steps of anti paint rub that is needed when customizing figures.

Paint wise I airbrushed various Mr Color metallics and clears to give it a shaded metallic look then gave it a wash.

With the speed force electricity.


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