While I have the time

Life is getting really busy for me so I’m trying to get all the custom figures I wanted to do out of the way.

If you’re interested in this Iron Fist figure the eBay page can be found here.

Unlike Gunpla action figures aren’t designed to be modified so they can be a real pain to customize and they take a lot of trial and error to get right. So when my life starts to get even busier while I’ll still be able to work on Gunpla here and there I wont be able to spend the time necessary on figures as much.

With that out of the way one of the figures I wanted was a better Iron Fist than what was available out on the market. I based this on his look in The Immortal Iron Fist and while I was able to just give a preexisting Iron Fist figure a repaint for the upper body the lower body was a whole other matter. It took me splicing a few lower legs together from different figures then sculpting most of the pants. I also redid the feet and gave them a completely new articulation scheme. Using this much epoxy was new for me and there were a lot of issues that arose because of that, but the final product turned out well.


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