As mentioned previously the client of the Zeta 2.0 commission I did unfortunately never received the model, so he wanted to do a brand new model inspired by the same design.

If you would like to commission a build you can find my contact information in the commission link above.

The model is the 1/144 HGBF ZZII and the color scheme not only mimic’s another ZZII on the internet but also the blue version of the Amuro Zeta color scheme.

For this build I mostly had to do a bunch of masking with only a slight mod in order to paint an area easier. Even though this is a newer kit if with this build removing seamlines was a priority it would be significantly more difficult as some are pretty tricky.

Luckily though it hides its seams fairly well with its busy design enough so that they are hard to notice.

I felt this update was a little light so I took shots of recent Gundam Converge releases that I repainted. They consist of the Unicorn red psycho frame into the green psycho frame, the Shinning Gundam Super mode, and the God Gundam Hyper mode.


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