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Been awhile since I updated but I have been busy with a build that incorporates things I have always wanted to work on, resin and the Nu ver ka.

After I finished the last commission I started my own build for the first time in over 2 years but funny enough before I finished it I got a request for a commission of a resin conversion kit of the HWS Nu Gundam ver ka. Even though my commissions are winding down I wanted to try my hand at resin as well as see first hand what the problem areas of the Nu ver ka were before building my own.

For the Nu itself I found that when doing the snapfit there are pieces that are made to fit so tight that the chances of breakage when taking it apart is high (I actually broke one of those pieces and had to fix it). Also unfortunately all the issues with the funnels that people have been mentioning for years were worse than I expected. Even with various layers of paint and topcoats the connection between each funnel was still horrible and even with the added weight of the resin the kit was surprisingly back heavy.

As it was my first time working with resin I can’t vouch for the quality but compared to what I have heard I can only assume it was a good quality cast. Only one piece was warped, there were very few dimples that needed fixing, and the pieces that were made to connect to the body attached with no issues.

Having seen many videos of resin builds one of the things I really wanted to try was using magnets as much as possible. For the most part the magnets worked great with some fitting issues here and there. The fitting issues took a lot of trial and error to get right with trimming resin and adding extra layers with pla plates.

In the end I would say the most gratifying part of this entire build was the lego-ish easy building and disassembling aspect that the magnets brought to the experience.


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